Monday, December 7, 2009

Our second trial.

We went to our second agility trial - it was a UKC trial in Dayton, OH. I entered both of the girls in AGI and AGII. The great news is that Nari finished her UAGI title with a perfect score of 200 and a second place! So she is now UAGI PR' Del Mar's Lil Apocalypse! She also got two 3rd places (she went a little over time because she was so tired on Sunday so her scores that day were 188 and 185). Starbuck ran 1 AGI and got a 4th place with a 197. The AGII runs went well except we had a little trouble with weaving so no Q's for AGII. The weave pole base was quite odd so I am wondering if that threw them (and me) off. Hopefully as we continue to work on weaving the base shouldn't matter so much in the future. But I am very proud with how well they did with all of the new obstacles that they have not really seen before - there was the crawl tunnel, sway bridge, sway plank and pause box. They still had a lot of fun! Hopefully next time will be even better! 

Here is a picture of our cheering section - Aaron and Alpha. Alpha loves to lay on Aaron's shoulders - it is so cute! 

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