Sunday, September 26, 2010

Starbuck's Bucktastic week!

Starbuck had quite a busy week! On Tuesday she went to daycare - she loves daycare and daycare loves her. She gets super excited when we turn off the freeway and then has a huge smile when we show up. The guy always tells us stories about what Starbuck does during the day. On Tuesday there was also a full size black and white husky there with blue eyes. When the husky's owners showed up to pick up their dog they brought out Starbuck and said that they accidentally put her in the drier. Our friends bring their dogs in on Tuesday as well and he was telling everyone that story. I'm glad that they are happy to have Starbuck there so I don't have to worry about her.

Wednesday is always Starbuck's busiest day of the week. As soon as I got home, I grabbed Starbuck and headed to the assisted living facility so that she could hand out with all of her friends for a while. She loves everyone who lives and works there. She just really loves meeting new people and getting lots of petting. After her therapy dog visit, we went to flyball practice for an hour and a half. By the end of practice Starbuck was tired!

Here are some pictures of Starbuck hanging out on Thursday:

On Saturday we went to a flyball workshop in Chattanooga - Starbuck had an awesome time because she got to meet a bunch of new people and dogs so she was super happy the whole time. At one point the instructor took Starbuck from me and carried her around like a baby while she gave out tips to everyone. Starbuck just laid in her arms with a huge smile on her face and gave her kisses. Starbuck did pretty well during her workshop, her only problem right now is that she needs to understand that she has to grab the ball while doing her box turn. Maybe someday she'll figure it out but for now she's having a blast. 

Here is a picture of Starbuck taking a break during the workshop, she was definitely a happy girl! 

One of the guys from the Big Orange Blast took pictures so I'll hopefully get those soon. 

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