Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pictures from my birthday agility trials

My birthday was in the beginning of November so I celebrated by going to a trial in Franklin, TN during Halloween weekend and one in Cullman, AL the following weekend. Nari gave me some awesome presents - 10 Qs, I think 3 titles, a Super Q, and a Q in the Grand Prix Local Qualifier! She really went all out for me this year. Here are some pictures from the trials: 

Aaron got me this really cute pants/skirt thing for my birthday:

And here are a bunch of teeter pictures. It really makes me happy to see Nari so comfortable on the teeter - it took her forever to be able to do a teeter in a Joker. 

I guess this was a tastey teeter because Nari is sticking out her tounge! 

And here we are racing in Advanced Pairs Relay:

And here is she running on the contacts - she used to be so slow on them:

And she is such a cute jumper:

And they had Way to Weave! weaves there, so she totally felt like she was weaving at home:

WHAT?! Is that Nari focusing on me while doing her table down AND I'm standing up? Crazy! Never thought that would be possible at a trial!

And here she is looking cute while flying out of the chute:

And this is what she got for being super naughty with her start lines - I entered her in the costume parade and made her wear this silly alien costume:

And then I made her do a mini photo shoot with her Advanced Agility Dog title ribbon:

And here is a tired Nari in her crate before we finished loading up the car. I keep all of the ribbons in the car during the trial but I threw them on her crate before we left to get a quick picture to send to the breeder. Nari was quite tired at the end of her trial in Cullman! 

And I know I posted one of these before, but this one is cute because Nari looks like she is smiling! 

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