Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pictures from the Carolina Peidmont USDAA 4-Star Event!

Nari and I had so much fun at the CPA USDAA 4-Star Event. We just recently started running in all of the Masters classes back in October so the courses really kick our butts sometimes, but we have a blast. And I'm so lucky to have Nari, she's such an awesome partner. I love that when I make a mistake, she's right there to yell at me. When we first started trialing I would run Snooker pretty slow with her and a couple of times she actually yelled at me and nipped me in the butt! Now if we go slower than she would like, she goes through the course going, "Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh!" repeatedly but still follows me. She always cracks me up and makes the runs so much fun. 

Well, our favorite photographer, Suzie Wolf, was at the trial so we got some great pictures! 

Isn't she the cutest weaver? That's from our Masters Standard run on Jan. 15, 2011. 

There we are racing through round 1 of the Steeplechase - probably one of our best runs ever. So much fun and so exciting that we were able to qualify even though there were some super fast 16" dogs in our group! 

I love this picture! It's also from round 1 of the Steeplechase. 

And here she is in round 2 of the Steeplechase. I just love how her tail stays curly the whole time - so cute! 

And another jump pose during round 2 of the Steeplechase. 

The rest of the photos are from our Masters Standard run on Jan. 17th, 2011. Kind of a crazy run - we were both so tired and then there was the huge group of kids (> 50!) sitting in the stands right next to the table. Nari jumped on the table and then started yelling at me about those kids so much that she hacked up a treat and then did her table down! Oh Nari :) 

I love this photo of us. 

And I think she is one of the cutest jumpers. 


  1. Those are awesome! Especially the one of you and Nari--you are both so athletic! :D

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