Monday, January 23, 2012

Tell Me Thursday #3 - whoa, I wrote another post!

It's another Tell Me Thursday (on not a Thursday) - brought to you by Laura over at Crooks and Crazies!

1. What is one lesson you've learned this week?
My dogs are awesome. 
I really need to learn more from my dogs. They don't hold grudges, they don't gossip, they just live in the moment. And my dogs love me for just being myself. I've been noticing how other handlers interact with their dogs lately - it just looks like they don't love their dogs or are somehow disappointed in their dogs. I hear people say, "I wish my dogs was..." faster, smarter, taller, shorter, smaller, bigger, etc. I've learned that my dogs are perfect just the way they are and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. My dogs love me so much that when I tell them to run through a silly obstacle course they do it with a smile on their face instead of thinking I'm insane... now that is pretty awesome.

2. Who or what might you have been in another life? What might you be in a next life?
Another life - a sea dragon or maybe one of those jellyfish that have all of those colorful lights? Those things are pretty freaking amazing. Next life - hmmm... a bush in the shape of a bear... 
Seriously - who has those things?? (note: not my bear bush, just one that happened to show up at my parents'!). Or a cheese brat. Have any of you had a cheese brat before? HEAVEN ON A BUN!!! Seriously, you have to have one NOW because it is the most delicious and magical thing you will ever have eaten! Maybe you can't find any because my parents bought all of them in a 30 mile radius of Waterford, WI and brought them all to me... mwhahhahahahahaha!!! 

3. What unusual things do you like the smell of but don't usually admit it?
Cheese brats!! Okay... so I'll pretty much tell everyone how delicious cheese brats boiled in beer and cooked on the grill smelll...mmmmmmmmm!!! 

4. What are your thoughts on continuing on vs. retiring when a trial run is going badly? How do you decide? Where do you draw the line?
I always continue when a run is going badly. I know it's 100% my fault so I just make sure that I do whatever I can to make sure my dog ends on a happy note. And if my dog is just not getting something on the course, I'll step to make it easier and then I'll even go off course to make sure they are happy. 

5. This is a call for questions or subjects you'd like to talk about - I'd appreciate suggestions (and please come link up so that I'll be sure to see your post), so here's your chance!
Dog treat recipes! I'm tired of hearing about all these dog food/treat recalls so we've started making a lot of our own dog treats. I really need a recipe for low calorie, light colored treats that my dogs can see easily in the grass when we are training distance skills. I've been using popcorn for that but am looking for some variety! 

 Hope everyone is having a great week! 


  1. You and your cheesey brats. LOL! You crack me up. I don't think I've ever had one. Maybe a trip to WI is in my future. There are SO many things I'll do for food.

    That bush is hysterical. But if you come back as a bush yer gonna get peed on. A lot.

  2. Umm light colored good treats for the grass would be ultra cool to find. i have found the cheese tortillinis are great but I would like some other ideas. We could all learn so much from our doggies couldnt we? Great thought provoking post as always!


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