Monday, February 6, 2012

Tell Me Thursday 2012 #5

And I'm late again for Tell Me Thursday.... but better late than never, right?

1. Julie  would like to know one frugal tip this week.
I love broccoli but I absolutely HATE eating those gross stalks. Oh, and I hate paying to dog treats that are made with a bunch of crap. But guess what - my dogs LOVE broccoli stalks! Whoohoo - free dog treats!

2. What are you reading this week?
I don't like reading. About the only thing I read is papers for work. But my friend was telling me I should check out "The Art of Racing in the Rain". She said she never reads books but actually liked this one so maybe someday I will think about reading a non-physicsy book and try this one...

3. Barbara  wants to know: do you hit the snooze button on the alarm clock and if so, how many times?
I hit the snooze at least 2 times in the morning. It drives my husband crazy but I still do it!

4. If you had to travel in a sedan (or if you already drive a sedan type car) and you had five or six dogs, how would you handle it?
If I had to, I'd make sure they were buckled up. I've been rear ended by a texter before and ever since that I always make sure my dogs are secured in a crate and if for some reason they can't be crated, they have harnesses and seat belts.

5. How much do you filter what you put on your own blog?
I think there have only been a couple of times where I have pulled a post. But it's really not that often. I am the kind of person who will pretty much answer anything and don't see a reason to hide things from people. Kind of gets me in trouble sometimes when I just blurt out personal questions to people... now I always try to think before I speak :) 


  1. Too funny about the broccoli ---that works out well!

  2. I would have never thought of the broccoli thing! Awesome! Seems like Julie said that the book you mention (about racing in the rain) was really good - though I don't recall exactly what she said. It seems to me like maybe she did a review of it on her blog, but again I could be wrong. I only like to read fluff. :)

    Have I mentioned how stinkin CUTE your dogs are lately? Every time I see a pic I smile.


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