Monday, May 7, 2012

ADCH Nari!!!

 ADCH Nari, Judge Tom Kula and I with our 
super awesome ADCH bar and ribbon :)

 A super proud little Nari with her ADCH ribbon

On 4/28/2012 Nari got that final Masters Gamblers leg and made AKK history by becoming the very first Alaskan Klee Kai to earn an ADCH. It was an amazing run - the joker had a full set of weaves in it and she got it! And she had never even come close to getting a joker with weaves in it before. It was really meant to be - the judge was Tom Kula who was on our very first successful DAM team where we qualified for our first Cynosports. It was so great that all of our friends were there to cheer us on during that run and our victory lap. I wish Ace could have been there to see it but I realized afterwards that in a sense he was there - those weaves in that joker were designed by him. 

Here's the joker that Nari got - we wrapped the jump before 1, she ran towards the A-frame, I redirected her to the weaves and she raced through those, almost took the 4 but was able to call her off that and into the tunnel. Everyone gasped when Nari headed towards that A-frame - but then there was lots of cheering when she got it! And then someone ran out with our bar and ribbon and we got to run our victory lap and it was awesome :) Nari was so proud of herself, she just gets so happy when she does something by herself. 

I took this one right after we ran.

I never got video of that final ADCH run and victory lap but I really don't mind. It was never about getting that final leg after all, it was really just about the journey and that special silly little dog, Nari :) 

Huge thanks goes out to Ace for being such an amazing instructor. He was always there for us, he put up with my frustrations and was patient with me and replied to those early morning emails about how to handle those jokers. And he never, ever gave up on us! 

And thanks goes to Dr. Donna for helping Nari when she got injured during the Chicago Regionals and for all of her advice and for listening to me and telling me that I wasn't crazy. 

And thanks to Del Mar Klee Kai for trusting me with such an awesome little girl. Nari was never supposed to be mine. She was just a little puppy going to a show home in CA and was named PR' Del Mar's Azure Blue Sky. At the last minute her family could not take her so I got an email from April asking if I would be interested in Nari. Some good things did come out of these hard economic times - I got my Nari, my heart dog. 

Silly little Nari in her upside down bed!

It's been a rough year - Nari got injured, I got injured and then I was sick during the trial (lymes disease or some other tick disease like it...) but Nari was always there for me and kept me going! What an amazing little dog :) 

ADCH UAGI CH PR' Del Mar's Lil Apocalypse TM-SILVER SACH-BRONZE SCH-BRONZE JCH RM MG OAC NJC TNG-N TN-N WV-N 'Inara' in the USDAA listings or as I call her 'Nari'


  1. Congratulations again! Such an awesome achievement!! Love the video. :o)

    1. Thank you so much! And you'll never guess what Nari got for her ADCH dinner, Culver's :) I guess she was just waiting for a trial near one to finally get that joker.

  2. OMG I am so happy for you, that is just so cool and history making ;-) I love the story and just goes to show that things work out how they are meant to be. LOVE the video and you just sound like the most awesome person with how you talk about everyone that was involved.

    1. Thank you so much! I've just had the best time with my dogs and have been lucky to meet with some wonderful people, especially Ace.


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