Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dreaming of warmer times!

Okay everyone - who's super cold out there? I know I am, but I'm guessing most of you would disagree :) Yeah... it's a freezing 30 degrees out here in TN! Yep - you're probably all laughing at me saying how that isn't even considered cold. Well, I'm from WI so you'd think I'd be used to these kind of temperatures. I moved from WI to TN 4 years ago and that's how long it took me to loose my ability to tolerate below 30 degree temperatures! The girls, however, love these temperatures!

Now - onto the topic of this post! Dreaming of warmer times!

Here's a little video of Nari during her very first time at the beach:

Prior to this she was calmly laying on Aaron's lap:

Then she all of a sudden got up and starting digging like a mad doggie! The hole ended up big enough for her to fit inside. Did you notice Starbuck eating something in the sand at the end of that video? Yeah... she's kind of addicted to eating things. 

I'll post more pictures of our San Diego adventure in the next few weeks. We moved out to San Diego this summer for work and we all loved escaping the hot, humid TN summers, did some hiking and went to the dog beach. 

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