Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting back into shape!

Since Nari and I were so 'off' in our teamwork we've been trying to cram in some training before our next big trial! Here she is getting back into the game: 

She's pushy and doing her own thing when I give a poor cue - and I absolutely love it!! She's got a lot of confidence which makes off-courses more likely when I slack on my handling so that's why we really need to cram in a lot of training. Hopefully we can pull it together enough to do well at our next trial. 

We have some big plans for this weekend - I purchased some agility flooring in the basement since Battlestar was slipping on the kids' play mat flooring. We're going to be putting some drywall up and installing a door so we can close off that room to protect the flooring and equipment. 

So very slowly our house is going to the dogs! Right now we have 3 bedrooms - the master bedroom with the only furniture being 2 night stands, a bed frame (we don't even have a headboard yet because I simply HATE shopping for furniture so my solution is to just not have furniture :)), a storage bench and many dog beds. The second bedroom is now where the Klee Kai have their giant crate and it has their workout gear (lots of FitPaws stuff and other random workout gear), a TV with DVD player and foam matting for flooring. The 3rd bedroom is Battlestar's bedroom - that one also has a human bed in it for when guests visit. And now the dogs will have a 20'x30' agility room in the basement…. :) 


  1. Maybe I need to teach Timber agility, she has SOOOO much energy,


    1. I bet she would be awesome with it!! You can just make a simple jump out of some PVC and train her to go over it. Sometimes when I'm lazy and want to exercise them I will play fetch over jumps and they love it :)


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