Monday, November 30, 2015

Busy, busy holiday times!

Feels like Christmas now that Santa T-Rex has made his appearance
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!! The girls loved their Thanksgiving. I took them to the local agility field and they each got some one on one time with me and then roamed the several acre field in a cute little pack :) They really enjoy their field time - Battle loves to run around and bark her fool head off and the Klee Kai try to find the nastiest dead/decaying thing and roll around in it....

My husband and I had steak this year and the girls had turkey - everyone was quite happy with the Thanksgiving goodies.

I was slacking off on the decorating but did manage to put together our Christmas T-Rex - trees and lights will hopefully go up later this week.

Don't you dare get in the way of Nari and her walkies... 
Meanwhile... we've been dealing with a ton of rain the past couple of days which means that Nari is SUPER PISSED off that she doesn't get her daily walkies.... I've been getting this death stare accompanied by constant squeaking. Then she'll take a break to go beat up our walking shoes while screaming... seriously pissed of Nar!! The look above was after she had been on a 1+ hour hike, agility at the field then an hour long chase/play session with the pack at the field but she was denied her even walk because I am apparently the meanest person on the planet :)

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  1. Nola does that too when she doesn't get her walks! Sounds like a great holiday!


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