Sunday, May 23, 2010

Agility in Tennessee is hot!!!

Literally - it was in the 80's during our practice today at 10 am. I went easy on the girls and just let them do short sequences and gave them long water breaks. And yet they still had enough energy to run around like crazy in the 6 acres of fenced in area at the agility center. Didn't get any action photos today because my photographer (umm... husband) didn't come along this time but here are some pictures of them enjoying the outdoors. 

Nari - the dedicated agility machine: 

Starbuck - the friendliest and happiest dog in the world: 

Alpha - the adorable cheerleader and cutest snuggler: 


  1. Hi Steffi,
    Lovely dogs and great how you work with them. Which breeders did you get your 3 dogs from? Would you recommend them? Thanks, Betty

  2. Hi Betty,
    We got all of our dogs from Klee Kai of Del Mar ( and I love the breeder! She is great at answering questions and does a wonderful job of socializing the puppies. She also does a lot of health testing and has a great health guarantee. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions.
    - Steffi


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