Sunday, January 23, 2011

Agility practice - finally!!!

We finally got a break in this awful weather! We've had so much rain/sleet/snow in the past couple months that we were only able to get in one agility practice. We haven't had any precipitation since last Monday so I convinced Ace to give us a lesson. It was in the mid 30's today so the ground was still a little frozen (in fact, several of the jumps were frozen to the ground) so we took it easy and just did a little work on our contacts. 

You can see the snow has finally melted but this picture does not show how cold it was! 

And of course Nari had to start the lesson by barking at the kennel dogs to tell them how much fun they were missing. 

Starbuck had to find a stick to quickly chew on before I took it from her. 

And here are some happy, muddy girls practicing their table downs: 

Here is Starbuck checking out the field while Nari stays in her down:

And here are the tired girls hanging out in their crate before we hit the road back home; 

They were so happy to finally be able to run around outside and of course they were super happy to see Ace!! Especially Starbuck because she thinks Ace is the coolest person ever. 


  1. When you posted that table picture on Facebook I assumed it was from the summer. Good heavens, I didn't realize you had GRASS down there right now. Stop whining. ;o) I can only imagine what I'd do outside if I didn't have 2' of snow pack right now...

  2. Ahhhh - but what you don't see is that the fields are typically flooded from October to May every year so we are lucky if we get in one practice a month. You know you can always move south to escape all that snow :)


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