Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unexpected snow storm today!

Since we live in the south, I consider any amount of snow fall to be classified as a snow storm. Once those little flakes start falling down here, it is utter chaos on the streets so we immediately head home and stay there. Not to mention our neighborhood is a disaster zone when snow or ice falls because we live in the hills. Here are some pictures from our snow walk this afternoon:

Starbuck LOVES laying in the snow and eating it. 

Aaron walking the girls. Notice Starbuck is laying in the snow again. 

Looks like Nari and Starbuck are running at light speed! 

And here I am with the girls. They LOVE snow and I bet they wish it would snow more often down here. 


  1. Kaiser thinks your girls are weird. Snow is cold! ;o)

    My other two are snow eaters and love it, but Kaiser is happier rolling around in the grass.

  2. Oh, Kaiser! Doesn't he know he's a northern dog? :)

    When we got back from our snow walk, Starbuck was at the door crying to go back out again! She can't get a enough of it!


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