Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I went to Wisconsin and all I got was a snow nose and a boat load of toys and treats!!!

We packed up the car and headed to Wisconsin for Christmas. I got a photo ap for my new iPhone during the drive so here are some pictures of the trip.

Here is little Alpha trying to convince me that she should be riding in my lap and not in the safe cage:

And here is poor Nari feeling car sick. That poor girl tends to get a little car sick during the beginning of our trips, but after we are driving for a while she lays down and is fine. 

Many of the trees were covered in a thick layer of ice and snow so they were completely white! 

And we drove by several fields of windmills. 

And finally, we were there - in beautiful Wisconsin! 

I'm pretty sure with all of the delicious cheese curds and frozen custard, Wisconsin is pretty much heaven. 

Nari was much happier when we were finally in WI and out of the car and she could just lay around the house and have people feed her tons of treats. 

Most of the time Starbuck was doing a lot of this:

to try to beg for food and treats from everyone. Oh, and she was also doing a lot of this:

Starbuck loved lying around the house and sleeping in one of the many beds. Alpha just ran around the house and tried to open the presents so she could have her curly lamb toy. She loves that thing, she's always carrying it around. And here she was using it as a pillow:

The girls all had a great time with the large amount of toys and treats they got for Christmas. They loved the all the tuggies and squeaky toys they got. 

And of course with the holidays comes a little bit of drinking. We found this vintage bottle of Andre from the 70's in a very old record player. And in case you aren't familiar with Andre, it's probably one of the cheapest 'sparkling wines' you can buy. It's actually quite good (Strawberry Andre got me through grad school) but absolutely does not age well. We opened it - it was carmel colored and DISGUSTING!! 

Well, goodbye for now, Wisconsin. We miss you!!! 

Okay - so we don't miss your cold winters with excessive amounts of snow, but everything else is quite awesome. Nari and Starbuck thank you for the winter snow noses you gave them and all the girls miss eating the snow. 

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