Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm pretty sure Nari hates me right now...

Twice a year Nari totally hates me for about 3 weeks. Here she is, all smiling while looking outside at the WI wilderness right when she got in the house after her walk:

Awwww... she kind of looks like she's smiling and she's happy. Then, after a couple of minutes inside, I force her to wear some panties because she is a hot, crazy bitch right now! Yep, she's in heat. The moment the panties go on, she goes into her bed and looks really pissed off at me. Or she just yells at me:

Oh yeah, that's right - she's totally wearing little boy underwear. You may be wondering why in the world is this adorable little dog wearing some Spiderman underwear for little boys... That's because I bought her those nice panties for dogs that cost like 15 bucks but she just chewed them off. After throwing 30 bucks worth of those panties down the drain, I said, "Fine, Nari. You're just going to look ridiculous and wear some Spiderman underwear." Now I only loose like a dollar when she gets pissed off and chews them off. And now she gets a wide variety of designs, like Toy Story or Cars or Spiderman and Friends. 

Wait, what's that Nari? There are treats on this table and you totally forgot that you're pissed at me? 

And whenever anyone discovers treats, of course Starbuck is there to check out the situation. 

Yes, Nari, I know you totally want more treats because you are crazy right now!  

Ha!! Nari - you're still wearing those stupid panties!!! 

After she ate a bunch of treats, she remembered that she still had on the panties and went back to the bed to look pissed off at me. 

Then I tried to bribe her with some new toys to make her happy. Nari, how about a brand new adorable little sock monkey toy? 

Come on, Nari, isn't it cute? 

Hmmmm.... okay.... maybe Nari should just chill in her bed for a couple more days and pig out on a bunch of treats... 


  1. She's pissed because she wanted PRINCESS PANTIES. Hey, I can't blame her. ;o)

  2. She totally would have gotten princess panties if they came with a fly (tail hole) :)


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