Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's so cold!!

It was in the teens this morning and it was horrible! This cold weather is driving me crazy. The girls love their daily hikes but with it being so cold we haven't been able to take them so then they get stir crazy. When we start our walks, we get about 20 feet from the house and then Nari starts hopping on three legs because one of her paws gets too cold. So then I pick her up and we turn back home. As soon as we get in the door, Nari completely forgets how cold it is outside and stares at her leash and harness then stares back at me and starts making her crazy Nari noises. Then Nari starts bouncing off the furniture while screaming. At that point, I drag them all downstairs to play in their playroom. 

Here is a picture of Nari trying to stay warm in one of the kitty beds and looking super sad that she isn't out hiking:

Starbuck prefers her beds to resemble little houses:

And Alpha all snuggled up in her bed:

I'm pretty certain she's dreaming about how to torment the kitties, what toy she's going to destroy next, and how to jump up on the table to steal the Christmas ham this year. She is naughty! 

Here she is working on her jumping muscles so she can reach the Christmas ham this year (she almost got it last year):

And here is what happened when I left a role of paper towel in the room with her unsupervised for 30 seconds:

We put up the Christmas trees last week. Yes, I did say 'trees'. I don't know if it's a southern thing or a thing everyone in our neighborhood does but it seems like all of the houses have at least two trees - one for your family to enjoy in the living room and one in a window that faces the street. Well, we were putting up the 'street tree' and decided to take a quick picture of Nari and her USDAA agility ribbons from this year to send to the breeder. So here is Nari posing with some of her ribbons:

We took the ribbons on the tree off and we just have a tree with lights. In fact, none of our trees have ornaments because we're lazy and I just don't want to fight the dogs and cats for the ornaments. 

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