Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Starbuck's latest agility adventure!

Starbuck had some one on one time with me at a local trial. I usually travel with the whole crew but sometimes it's fun to give Starbuck some special time.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the trial:

Yep - that's me and Starbuck! Notice that I am running in my work clothes! I had to work that day so my trainer was running her for me. I got out of work and showed up at the trial right as they finished walking Time 2 Beat. I didn't even have a chance to change so I ran her in my work clothes with my hair flying everywhere - and we won!!  

Starbuck has some killer A-frames - she just hovers over the apex lands at the bottom of the blue and does one short step into the yellow and then she's off! 

Here video of a couple of our runs:

Doesn't Starbuck have the cutest butt? :) 

Well, hope everyone is enjoying December! 

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  1. Nice job mates! Starbuck- woo are pawsome little mate! We love to watch you go, such style...such grace....BOL BOL BOL!!!!



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