Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dog Agility Blog Event Day - Backyard Training

Okay - I cannot figure out how to join the Dog Agility Blog group ( - stupid Yahoo Group errors!

But I'm going to blog about Backyard Training anyway.

So.... my yard is basically a very large hill. We're talking about a 20-30 degree steep hill. This means there is no way I can do agility in my backyard. The only training I can do in my backyard is to let the dogs race around like crazy which helps with their conditioning.

The other agility training I can do at home is tight jump wraps in my basement. We have a room that is 20'x20' - really not big enough to practice any speed but I do have two tiny jumps that I made and a tunnel so I use the tunnel to work on jump wraps.

While I can't do that much agility training - we can work on conditioning at home! I have several different exercise balls (round, peanut, donut, paw pods) that I use to build up the girls muscles. And I add in some fun tricks to work on coordination and teaching the dogs that failing is not a big deal.

Here's a little video that show some of the conditioning work we do along with them racing around in the backyard:

Anyone have any other ideas on agility stuff that one can do without having a yard?


  1. I want to do agility, but my pre-ability teacher says I have to be at least 1 year old before I start. I'm almost 9 months old now.
    I'm going to watch all of you, so I can get some tips before I start school.
    Pees…. I like your little black mask. Do I need to get one for agility?

    1. Sounds like you have a great pre-agility teacher. Don't worry soon you will be big and strong and jumping over those obstacles in no time! And you don't have to have a mask for agility but it really helps to have one when you want to sneak up on those obstacles :)


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