Thursday, June 25, 2015

Feeling lost....

Dr. D giving the girls some treats :)

Nari and Battlestar waiting to get in to the vet's office - they love going to the vet!

We have the most amazing vet in the world - Dr. Donna Raditic. She saved Alpha's life when her kidney's failed, gave Alpha the ability to do agility and run around like a normal dog when many vets told us it was impossible, helped Nari get through a wicked case of mange and help prepare me for living with a super canine athlete like Battlestar. She was always there for us whenever we needed her and helped keep me sane while Nari was super sick and always was there to coach me before a big competition. Sadly she is moving away and I am not sure what to do now - I feel completely lost. She taught me a lot about rehab, first aid, how to deal with little crazy canine athletes so she has done a good job to prepare me for her move but I still feel lost.

Some of us are getting together to celebrate with her tonight so it will be great to see her but it will still be quite sad. She said no gifts but I'll be giving her a framed picture of her with the girls along with Alpha's first title ribbon and a charm that has a short recording of the girls. Dr. D always loved to talk to Nari so I hope she'll like having that with her :)

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  1. Well that's no good at all, hopefully you find another vet that you can love too, play bows,



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