Monday, June 15, 2015

Sister Steeplechase Semifinalists!

Nari and Starbuck posing with their SF Bye ribbons :)

Well the sisters, Starbuck and Nari, went to the USDAA Southeastern Regionals earlier this month. Nari is still getting back into the hang of trialing again and she is LOVING it! Both girls ran great! Nari picked up a DAM team Q which she really needed for Cynosports. And for the very first time this year the girls made it to the finals round of Steeplechase! We've never made it to the Steeplechase finals before but this year both girls made it :) Starbuck was a super star and also made it into the GP finals round. Here's a video of Starbuck and Nari running in Round 1 and also the Finals.

We had some VERY LONG days - we woke up around 4:30 am so that we could make it to the site in time for the 6 am walk throughs - that's right, 6 am walk throughs! It was good practice for Cynosports. The girls were entered in the local events on Thursday so we ended up leaving on Wednesday evening so that I didn't have to make the 5+ hour drive all on Thursday morning.

Starbuck ended up being pretty tight in the rear on Sunday - she was a little slower than normal in the Steeplechase finals so I'm glad we found the cause. Luckily the girls had their favorite massage therapist to take care of them :)

Hard life - getting treats and massages :)

I was so excited with how well we did - both girls even picked up byes into the semifinals round for Cynosports this year!!!

Some very tired sisters resting up for the big competition! 

Nari is going to 2 more regionals and one local trial to try and chase down some more Q's to get qualified for Cynosports in October. We don't have much time and I have no idea if she'll qualify but we are having so much fun running together again :) 


  1. Good job little mates, and great pictures too. Massage sounds pretty wonderful BOL BOL!!


    1. They just love their massages - they get more massages than me! :)

  2. Bravo! Great job! And boy, are they adorable!


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