Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tell Me Thursday 2012 #8

After a break last week, Tell Me Thursday is back! Brought to you by Laura over at Crooks and Crazies.

Things have been crazy around here lately. Still recovering from my stupid injury but finally able to run. Oh yeah, and Starbuck raced in her first flyball tournament! And Nari was pissed that I was cheating on her by not letting her come along for the trip.

1. What blogging tip would you give other dog-bloggers?
It's a simple one - post some pictures of your dogs. I love pictures, especially ones of all those awesome doggies out there!

2. If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island and could take five things with you (aside from the clothes on your back), what would they be?
Let's see... besides my dogs...
The husband - I'm pretty much useless.. 
A bow and some arrows - so the husband could catch food
A knife - so the husband could cut up the food
Flint - so my husband could teach me how to start fires to cook the food with
A pan - to cook with 
As you can tell, I'm pretty much useless when it comes to surviving!! 

3. How much pain are you willing to endure in the name of physical appearance? Do you have painful things done to enhance beauty?
I refuse to wear painful shoes (B.O.C. by Born makes some adorable sandals so that's what I'm stuck with wearing) but I do work out pretty hard at the gym. In fact, Gambit was kicking my ass yesterday. For some reason it was Marvel vs DC comics at the gym yesterday and my trainer was dressed as Gambit. My favorite costume was the guy who wore a tight Superman costume that had built in fabric boots. Only he was too tall for the costume so the 'boots' hit him mid calf. Other than getting my butt kicked at the gym, I'm a total wimp when it comes to pain for beauty.

4. Speed limits... how fast do you drive? Do you drive Miss Daisy? Do you do the Indy 500 to work?
I try to keep it at no more that 8ish over the speed limit. Especially try to watch the speeding outside of TN. TN cops are constantly tailgating me even when I am going 10+ over but once I get out of TN, that's when I get caught! 

5. What trial (that you go to) is your favorite, and why?
My favorite so far has been any trial put on by Carolina Piedmont Agility. Those guys definitely know how to throw a party! They have awesome food for their workers and are constantly giving out cash in their workers raffle - Starbuck even won $15 once. For the bar setters they typically get a local youth group to send volunteers and then give the group $1,000!! How cool is that! Makes me wonder what the other clubs are doing with their profits.  They also have awesome equipment (which they are constantly updating) and are super friendly. I only travel for USDAA, but since CPA trials are so great they may even convince me one day to travel for AKC... 

And one time I even stayed late to work the last class of the weekend. The guy who ran the trial was so nice that he mailed me a little thank you card and inside was a gift card to Starbucks! 


  1. Great tip about the pictures!! I love reading your blog because you always have great pics of your dogs - they are so cute!! I'll try and be better! I'm not a very good photographer - okay -so I'm not a photographer at all - and you are right the pictures in my side bar are WAY outdated - so next week - new pics!!

    That agility trial sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing!!

    Have a great day!!

  2. Next time you come to the Piedmont let me know - I'll come watch you run your dogs. Or meet for dinner. Or something. :)

    I always enjoy your pictures and then think I should take more!!

  3. I love that first picture! I have one of our Krissie like that, she's sleeping flat out in the midst of a HUGE mess. I so totally could not be angry about it. Also, your dogs are adorable. Nice to "meet" you via Tell Me Thursday!


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