Friday, March 9, 2012

Video Friday!

Here's a little video I made of the girls working out:

Starbuck used to be a little bit overweight so I just decided to start all of the girls on a workout routine. We don't do these exercises everyday. Typically I'll use just one piece of equipment a day and also add in some tricks that work on balance, rear end awareness and work their brains. Additionally, they hike 5 miles a day, a little jogging (I'm still slowly easing back into running since recovering from injuries) and once a week go on an inclined treadmill. 

We got most of the gear from FitPAWS. The girls love their FitPAWS gear so much - they practically fight over who gets to workout first! And the FitPAWS booth at Cynosports was definitely one of Nari's favorite places to go. 


  1. hahahahahha, Starbuck was a little husky!


    1. She was, RA! We used to call her a little 'Buckwurst' because she kind of didn't have a waist for a little while :)

      - Steffi

    2. Hilarious, they are the most beautiful!


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