Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Go, Nari, Go!!

Just got the pictures from our last USDAA trial. Nari did so well!! It was her third USDAA trial and she was 19.5 months old (dogs can start competing at 18 months) and she finished 3 titles, including her versatility title, and had her fastest time yet! She ran 5.2 YPS on her jumpers course (she jumps 16" and is 14" at the withers). She finished her jumpers title during her second USDAA trial so she is now UAGI CH 'PR' Del Mar's Lil Apocalypse AD SSA SS SJ. Here are some of the pictures. We ended up with 7 Q's and a third in both the Steeplechase and Grand Prix. 

Nari racing to finish her Starters Standard title (one of my favorite pictures): 

Nari staying just long enough to complete her least favorite obstacle in Standard: 

Nari racing over a jump: 

Nari racing through the Steeplechase: 

Nari doing some crazy moves over the long jump in the Steeplechase:

Nari taking a jump in the pairs relay:

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