Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nari's day in Knoxville

Since Nari did so well last weekend at her trial we decided to take her with us to Knoxville today. We went to the farmer's market in Market Square and she got to sample lots of tasty dog treats from the local bakers. We ate breakfast at the French Market and they gave her more dog biscuits and a little croissant and bacon. The first annual International Biscuit Festival was downtown as well this morning so she got another little sample of a biscuit with bacon. After we were finished with downtown we took her with us to the store to pick out two fish for our pond, we named them Ady and The Joker. Here are some pictures from Nari's day on the town.

Me and Nari at the French Market:  

Me and Nari at the farmer's market and International Biscuit Festival: 

They put up "Biscuit Blvd" street signs just for the festival: 

Nari is super excited that she gets to help me pick out some fish for the pond: 

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