Monday, June 14, 2010

Power outage and presents!

There was a crazy storm this afternoon and when we got home the power was out! There were large branches laying everywhere and a turtle in our yard. I have no idea how the turtle got in as the yard is fenced and the fence goes pretty much into the ground so I'm just going to assume that it somehow flew it. Here is Starbuck hanging out with the turtle. 

The other excitement for the evening was that our order from Clean Run came today. I got this cool coat for when we go to hot outdoor trials. Nari was smiling the whole time she was modeling it, so I hope she doesn't mind it too much. 

We also got a purple ground cover matt so that it matches Nari's cool coat. It will probably match me because I have a crazy amount of purple clothing. As soon as I put it on the floor all of the girls ran on it for a quick wrestling match. They LOVE to wrestle. 

And finally, here's a picture of Starbuck hugging the vent. Since the power was out, sadly no cool air was coming out but she was there waiting for the moment the power came back on. 


  1. Great post!!! Have you named the turtle yet?

  2. I think Starbuck wanted to name it 'Soup'. We saw it the next next over on the other side of the yard, it looked like it was trying to climb the fence. I'll have to look through the yard tonight to see if it made it out finally.

  3. Turtle update! Aaron found the turtle Friday afternoon and he was still in our yard. He was trying to climb up the fence to get out so I can only conclude that the storm blew him in our yard :) Aaron picked him up (I guess the turtle hissed, sucked back into his shell and made some creaking sounds) and put him outside the fence.


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