Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hard day

We just heard that one of the residents at the local retirement home that we visit with each week just passed away. Several months ago the nurses found us and told us that one of the residents really needed us that day because they had received some bad news so we went to go see her. Bucky gave her some kisses and laid there while getting lots of pets. When we left, the woman said she wasn't sure if she would even make it to the next week. I told her we would definitely come back the following week to visit, but she didn't sound too hopeful that she would still be there. Well, we went to visit her every Wednesday for several months after that. She would always tell us that she thought Starbuck had the most beautiful markings and eyes. Then she would make fun of Starbuck's name :) I sometimes get tired of explaining that Starbuck was not named after a coffee chain but after a BSG character so at her therapy visits she goes by 'Bucky'. Well, the woman would always joke that such a pretty little girl like Starbuck shouldn't have a dumb boy's name. She would always tell us funny stories about dogs or just people in general and she was so kind. We will miss visiting her each week. 

It was hard to go there today and walk past her apartment. I could tell that the workers were pretty down today but they all were happy to see Starbuck. She did a great job of cheering everyone up there, including the caretakers. There are some people who never really talk or who cry a lot and sit alone but the workers say that the only time they see those residents smile is when Starbuck comes to see them. Sometimes they will pet her right behind the ears and sing her a little lullaby and she'll start falling asleep. As soon as I put on Starbuck's little H.A.B.I.T. scarf she puts on this big happy grin and starts wagging her tail, she just absolutely loves visiting with everyone. Starbuck was born to be a therapy dog, she loves her job. 

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