Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alpha's day out and about in Knoxville

We took Alpha with us to run some errands today in Knoxville. We like to give each girl their own special day every once in a while, so today was 'Cake's Day'! I always give people/animals weird and random nicknames that never make any sense and for some reason I call Alpha 'baby cakes', 'cup cakes' or sometimes just 'the cakes'. We were super excited because a MINI dealer finally opened up in Knoxville and today was the grand opening party. Here is Alpha being Aaron's navigator: 

And here is me sitting in a MINI, I so miss driving one! 

Driving a MINI is serious! 

Here's me and Alpha standing by a MINI that looks just like my old one: 

And here is what the MINI dealer looks like! The one I bought my MINI from in New Jersey was just an add on to the BMW dealer but the Knoxville one is it's own building!!! So cute!

They had these adorable center pieces on the tables inside and had lots of food. Alpha got to go inside and hang out with us at the party and everyone loved her. 

And it wouldn't be 'Cake's Day' without cupcakes! So we had to stop and pick some up from The Cupcakery on the way home. 

And here is me and Alpha on the way back home: 

And here is a picture of my MINI. I had to sell it three years ago because Aaron had his spine fused and after the surgery he couldn't handle the sport suspension or the low seats in the MINI :( I LOVED that car, I cried when I left it. I sold it to a nice guy in WI who had an adorable family, I hope they are enjoying that car. 

I ended up getting a Prius while Aaron recovered and planned on trading it in for a MINI E after a couple of years. But, the MINI E looks like it will be taking longer than I had hoped so I may end up getting another MINI in the near future until the MINI E is released in the US because they are such awesome little cars. 

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