Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

The girls were still at the kennel for the 4th of July so we went to Dollywood before picking them up. They were really tired, they pretty much just run around in the play yard the whole time. They were still sleeping most of today. Our friend, Meggie, gave us some cute little collars that had bandanas attached. I'm supposed to be cleaning the house because we are having people over in a few hours but instead I decided to procrastinate and take pictures of the girls in their collars. Here are some of my favorites.

Group shot - only possible because they are so tired today! Wow - it looks like Nari has the largest ears...  

Starbuck - 

Nari (she is always posing for the camera) - 

Alpha - 

Cute shot of Nari and Alpha - 

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