Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another exciting (and hot!!!) weekend for the girls

First some exciting news from Alpha - she got another Salsa from West Paw Design!! She loves that thing and goes crazy whenever I bring it out. And then goes crazy trying to find it when I put it away. She hasn't ripped the pupils off of this one yet as you can see in the pictures. I used to put it on the bookshelf (which is probably about 3 feet off the ground) but she always managed to get it off the shelf. 


Then the girls had fun guarding the house this week. They just love checking out every person and animal that walks by our house:

It was another hot weekend in the 90's!!! I took Nari to the downtown farmer's market. She loves going on special trips with me and is usually smiling the entire time - we are definitely best friends. Everyone of course thought she was so cute and they all stopped by to pet her. She got to go in some of her favorite downtown shops that always love to give her treats. She especially loves Mast General Store because they gave her little peanut butter cookie dog treats. I think she charmed about 4 cookies out of the people who worked there. Here she is smiling in one of the little downtown parks.

Starbuck is especially getting sick of this awful weather. It makes agility practices pretty rough as we can't spend that much time running the girls. Sunday morning we had agility practice and the girls just crashed when we got home. I love how in these lazy Nari pictures you can see little Alpha in the background. 

And here is a really tired one of Starbuck, she looks quite serious in it. Or maybe she's just mad at me for taking yet another picture of her. 

Knoxville so needs an indoor agility facility. If it's not hot, humid and in the 90's it seems like it's raining and the fields are flooded. If we ever win the lottery then I am totally buying a building and turning it into Starbuck's Agility Center. Or maybe some super nice person out there can just donate a building to us :) 

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