Sunday, July 4, 2010

Watch Starbuck and Nari work on rear crosses and me run like a chicken!

Here is a video of us practicing rear crosses last weekend:

The girls were both doing really well. I used a red fuzzy squeaker toy to train Starbuck to keep going forward instead of circle around and look for me. Seemed like it worked pretty well. We couldn't practice with too much speed because it was in the 90's at 9 am already. You can also see that I run like a chicken. I also can sound kind of shrill at times so I like to cut out the sound and put the videos to music :) Hopefully I start learning to be quiet during practice runs and at trials, until then my videos are on mute and set to music.

Oh, and at the end of practice the girls went back towards the kennel dogs and saw a Malamute. I thought they all looked so cute running back and forth together until that Malamute peed on Nari.... twice!! 

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