Sunday, October 17, 2010

The crazy girls go to the vet

The girls were all due for their kennel cough boosters this week. So... I had to take them all in by myself. I had two of the girls ride in the crate and Nari got to ride in the passenger seat with her doggie seatbelt. Then, I threw them all into the crate, stuck the crate on a rolling board and pulled them in. It was much easier to handle them that way and they all looked pretty cute in their cage. 

I didn't take any recent pictures, so here are some old ones. Look at Alpha's vicious teeth!! And that picture is followed by one of her silly grins. 

Okay, I've posted this picture of Nari before with her Steffi hair, but it's just so cute I wanted to post it again. 

And here is Nari laying down for a nap - I love her eyes. 

Here is one of Starbuck at agility and her modeling her little life jacket. She looks quite adorable in that jacket. 

And robots beware - Alpha is watching you!! 

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