Monday, October 25, 2010

Sometimes I feel like a soccer mom....

... a soccer mom with kids who are on one of those traveling teams. My car is almost 2 years old and I have 42,000 miles on it so far (car only had <20 miles on it when I got it). Luckily I have a Prius so the mileage is great. We do drive it to work almost everyday, but that is only 8 miles. I just started trialing in March of this year, so I'm sure that the mileage will only get higher even faster now. This weekend was especially crazy: 

Friday - took Nari out to this new agility place (well, new to us!) to work on contacts (drive was 35 minutes each way). 

Saturday - brought Nari along with me to check out the 'local' UKC show that will be the site of the breed specialty next April (drive was 55 minutes each way). We got to meet another Klee Kai, unfortunately Nari was being a little brat because she was going all crazy because she was at a show. That girl is INSANE sometimes, but I adore her. Here she is laying around at the show site. 

She still looks nice and clean in this picture. Shortly after, she found some poop to roll around in and she had poop smeared across the side of her face! Here are all the girls relaxing and napping Saturday afternoon:

Sunday - started with Nari's agility lesson (1 hour drive each way) from 11 am until 12:15 pm. Got home around 1:20 pm. Then I had to drive Starbuck down to Chattanooga at 3 pm (drive was 2 hours each way). So that was roughly 6 hours driving just on Sunday! Luckily I rarely have to drive that much in one day, unless it's for an agility trial.  After all of that driving, Aaron made me steak and veggies. The girls really wanted that steak so they thought if they stared at that steak they could have some:

Eventually, Starbuck and Alpha gave up but Nari kept staring until I finished. I did cave in and give them each a tiny piece when I was finished, so I guess Nari won after all! 

WOW! I'm exhausted from this weekend. The great news is that the Chattanooga Chomp had a vote on Starbuck on Sunday and she's in the club now! Not sure when she'll start competing, probably won't be for a while because she still needs to work on her box and focus skills. But I think she's getting closer at least. 

Now... back to work and I have WAY too much to do at work! 

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