Monday, October 11, 2010

Pictures of a lazy weekend

Let's see, Aaron was out of town this weekend. I suddenly decided that I hated my hair because it's curly and boring so I cut it all off. This happens about every three years or so. Then I get sick of it being short and spend the next three years growing it out again. But this gave me a chance to remember what I look like with straight hair. The girls don't care what I look like, all they want are kisses:  

I got another little house bed thingy for the dogs - Starbuck LOVES these things. Whenever she sees it she curls herself into the smallest ball inside of it and likes to peak out:

She also spent some quality laying around the house time this weekend: 

And then there's Nari. This girl is crazy, she always has to be doing something and she gets a happy grin when she's been running around. We didn't go to agility this Sunday and it drove her nuts so she did laps on all of the furniture. I'm so not kidding, I should try to get video of it someday. She always pulls her ears back and makes the weirdest faces when I'm trying to take her picture:

And then she was in her bed waving her paws at me because she was so bored. 

Alpha has decided that she loves to do what her big sisters are doing. So she splits her time because laying around with Starbuck and bouncing off the furniture with Nari. Oh yeah, and being super naughty by stealing toys and ripping out their squeakers. And also running around kitties in a circle while barking at them. Just look at her - she is saving up all of her naughtiness! 


  1. These are all such great pictures -- I love your girls. :o)

  2. Thank you! I love taking pictures of them and all of their craziness.


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