Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finally got in an agility practice

There was finally a brief break in the rain so we were able to get a short practice in today. Aaron came along and took a couple of pictures and videos.

Me and Nari working on distance weaving:

Me and Nari working on contacts:

Here is a video of Starbuck and Nari at practice today:

Starbuck and Alpha got to chill in the x-pen - Alpha is like a little pogo stick in there!! We make sure she doesn't do it that much but when she's in the x-pen she just wants to get out and run around the field. 

Alpha has been learning a bunch of tricks lately. Today I was working on training Alpha to hide her face behind her paw. I've been using a piece of tape on her forehead to swipe at and then click when she does it. So I made Aaron take a picture of her silly tapehead. 

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