Sunday, June 5, 2011

A cake and a new car!

Well, haven't posted in a while - been traveling a lot including flying to the west and east coast all in less than a week! And the past month and a half I took the girls to agility trials in TN, VA and GA. Also had a couple of work trips in there as well (hence the trips to west coast - CA - and east coast - RI). 

Let's see... I told Nari if she finished her Snooker Master title that I would get her a cake and since she actually finished 3 titles at her last trial I picked up the cake for her this weekend. I made her share with her sisters but I'm pretty sure she had no intention of sharing as she tried to rip the cake out of the box when I went to break off pieces of Starbuck and Alpha :) 

Picture of the excellent cake - and it had Nari's favorite peanut butter frosting on it: 

Here she is very patiently waiting for the okay to eat the cake (she is also on her new crate bed from West Paw Design):

Digging in and licking off the frosting first:

When the cake was gone she insisted on licking the cake box and snuggling with it for about an hour. We finally took the box away when she tried gnawing on it! 

Now onto the other subject of my post - my new car! I don't think I mentioned this before in the blog but back in March I was at a stop light and a car slammed into the car behind me at 50 mph. The wreck was so big that they shut down the turnpike and we were all sent to the hospital in ambulances. I had to share an ambulance with the girl who hit me - turns out she was texting while driving 50 mph - and she continued to text while we were strapped to those awful boards in the ambulance. The wreck was so bad that I received a 'Saved By the Belt' from the Governor's Highway Safety Office. I think it's pretty sad that they have to give out an award to people who wear the seat belts just because so many people not wearing their seat belts die in wrecks in TN. We got a certificate and also a nice pin:

I was always taught that when you're in a vehicle you have to wear a seat belt, but for some reason some people think they don't need to wear them :( So everyone out there - make sure you always wear your seat belts - they really do save lives! And also make sure that your pets are always wearing their safety harnesses or are in a crate. Luckily my dogs weren't with me but when they are in a car they are always in a crate or on the rare occasion I don't have a crate they wear their seat belt harnesses. 

So with the old car gone, I bought my very first dog car! Isn't it beautiful - I call it 'The Transporter'! 


  1. Well that's a whole lot of news packed into one short blog post! So glad that you are okay from your wreck -- Being hit at 50 mph must be super scary! I think I would have lost it being next to her texting in the ambulance.... I hope she got the book thrown at her!

    Sweet new car! My next dogmobile will be a minivan. It's what happens when you have big dogs. ;o) My current car isn't big enough to crate everyone, so they are loose in the back (seats folded down in my Saturn Vue, so they have a giant box of space). I hate it. I know it's not safe.

    Congrats to Nari! Her cake is super cute! I can't blame her for not wanting to share. lol

  2. It was pretty scary and I never saw it coming - the car behind got the worst of it as it was smashed between the texter and me. I was so angry at the girl but was in pain and just trying not to freak out because they had me strapped very tightly to a board/head restraint and I'm claustrophobic. Luckily I don't have any long term problems but I'm not sure if the people in the car behind me have been able to go back to work yet :( I do know she is probably in a lot of trouble after destroying/damaging 3 cars and sending 5 people to the hospital. TN drivers are so horrible, probably some of the worst drivers I have ever encountered.

    I'm glad I have small dogs, not sure I could drive a minivan :) The only reason I got a wagon was that Subaru redesigned their Outback to look more like an SUV instead of a station wagon. I hope you can get your dogmobile soon - you can always drive cautiously but sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid an accident...


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