Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New banner and a girl with a sandwich

So... have you noticed that I finally have a banner on my blog?! I used 100% of my mad Adobe Illustrator skillz to create that beauty :) Gave me something to do today as I've spent another day confined to my house after recovering from a nose surgery that I had last Thursday (broke my nose when I ran into a wall last year, and not just any wall - a wall at Culver's of all places...I am seriously that clumsy...kind of like those dumb birds that fly into windows..). UGH - my head feels like it is going to explode!! 

In more exciting news, Alpha is in love with a sandwich. Nari won this fabulous sandwich at a trial a while ago and Alpha was playing with it non-stop today. 

She always gets these big happy grins with her favorite toys. Just look at that sandwich - it's the size of her little head! 

And it even splits into two toys - each of which have squeakers in them. Perfect for Alpha to squeak all day long. Although, it looks like it's a ketchup, mustard and lettuce sandwich - sounds kind of nasty.  

And since summer has arrived Starbuck has been doing a lot of this:

Laying on the AC vents! And sometimes she rolls around on them for added fun. 

Since Nari got a nice ribbon for winning the Grand Prix tournament last trial, I wanted to get a picture of her with it:

And of course her sisters were proud of her so they wanted in on this picture. Or maybe they just wanted some of the treats I was using to bribe Nari into posing for the camera... 

Hope everyone is having a great week and remember - don't run into any walls because it really, really hurts!!


  1. Hi!

    I came by from RA's blog. At first I thought your beautiful dogs are cross breeds of huskies and a small breed dog (ok, ok. I thought chihuahua.)

    And I totally missed the dog breed so apparent in the blog name. After some searching, now I know the adorable things are Klee Kais. I'm ashamed to say I have never heard of them before. I kept thinking if they're really husky-like then it is really a feat that you got them winning medals regularly, since huskies are so darn stubborn.

    Well, I read up on Klee Kai and now I feel less foolish. You have an amazing trio. I'll be visiting your blog regularly. Keep up the awesome job!

    Togo, Tagar & Gamby's mommy

  2. Apparently you were in a Culver's Coma. As awful as it is that you broke your nose, I can't help but chuckle that it happened in a place of which you speak so highly. lol

    Bravo on the banner! I haven't even tried -- Wait, I lie. I tried when I first made it, but the picture was gigundo and unsightly, so I gave up. Bonus to you for figuring out how to do it nicely! And since my attentions tend to go to the agility girls, I figure I should say that Alpha looks super-duper cute in her banner photo!

  3. Hi Sharkgila! Glad you were able to find the breed, it was kind of hidden on my blog. There aren't that many Alaskan Klee Kai out there so it's not too surprising that you haven't heard of them before. They do have similar traits to huskies so I've spent a lot of time training a recall and occasionally have some interesting times on the agility course where they decide to run (but that's mostly Starbuck right now and with more experience she'll be more focused). Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Karissa,
    I actually broke my nose at a Culver's in Ohio about a year ago on my way home from an agility trial! Since we had all the dogs with us, my husband just dropped me off at the nearest ER and stayed in the car with the dogs. WELL, the ER didn't believe my story (because really, who's dumb enough to run into a glass wall at Culver's :)) and thought it was a spousal abuse case so I spent a couple of hours there trying to convince them I felt safe at home! They finally believed me until they got my x-rays back and found old fractures in my face (which I got when I ran into a bed when I was younger, seriously, I'm surprised I can walk without breaking something!) and then more questions.

    I put off the surgery for a year and then finally got it done last week. Pretty crazy story and now that most of the pain is gone, pretty hilarious.

  5. Hi Kira! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment :)

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