Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The sisters take on the K9Sports of TN agility trial!!

That's right, the sisters went to their very first trial together! This time, it was just me running two dogs between two rings by myself. So I decided to only enter Nari in 4 runs per day and Starbuck in 3 to minimize the conflicts between rings. Of course every time I finished a run with one dog I immediately had to grab the other girl and run in the other ring! But it was pretty fun running back and forth, getting to the startline and trying to remember the course.

The trial went way better than I thought it would. I was able to have fun while running like crazy between the rings and the girls even managed to pick up some Qs and titles! 

I was so proud of little Starbuck - she is back in the ring and having fun!! Although the husky in her did kick in for two runs and she ran out of the ring but I was able to call her back in to put her leash on her. I was just stressed that morning so she probably picked up on that. Oh well - I was able to save the rest of her runs that day and she ended the weekend with 6 Qs (including a Q in Steeplechase) and finished her Starters Performance Gambler title. Here she is hanging out in her crate with her ribbons:

Nari had fun this weekend and picked up 9 more Qs - including two SuperQs in Snooker! - and finished her Relay Master and Snooker Champion titles!!! Oh yeah, and she won the Grand Prix tournament and picked up another regional bye into the final round!!! Maybe I should try to get to a Regional so I can use at least one of her byes :) Here she is peaking out from behind her ribbons. That big blue ribbon in the center is for winning Grand Prix. 

I was able to get most of Starbuck's runs on video - so here they are:

Because I was running between rings I wasn't able to get that many of Nari's runs recorded but here are a few (of course I missed her awesome SuperQ, Standard and Pairs runs...):

After the great weekend the girls had I took them to out to dinner. And you may be wondering where Grand Prix winners eat their celebratory dinners at.... Culver's of course!!! 

They each got the tiniest piece of a butter burger with cheese, cheese curd and a tiny lick of vanilla custard. I so love these trials near Nashville so I can get my Culver's fix. I think that Culver's should start sponsoring us because I talk about it all the time :) 


  1. Thank woo for the well wishes for dear rara- he is doing much better:)

    Loved your videos like always:)

    RA & Isis

  2. Glad RA is feeling better! My friend's lab bit into a porcupine a couple of years ago and it was quite awful, her dog was fine but it looked very painful :(

    Thanks for stopping by!

    - Steffi


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