Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New dog in the neighborhood and new collars

First of all, the neighbors have a dog now. This means that the girls have been super busy keeping an eye on this strange dog:

And the girls think this house guarding stuff is serious business. 

Now onto the second topic - collars! Alpha seems to chew through everything so we were quite surprised to see these collars that have a lifetime guarantee even if they have been chewed?! They are made by Lupine and I think Alpha is totally up for this challenge! Here is Alpha modeling her new collar (she got the 'Sea Glass' design):

She was pretty happy to get a new collar. 

Nari's new collar has butterflies on it and the pattern is called 'Wing It': 

And of course she was also quite happy with it :) 

Starbuck got the cute one with ducks on it (pattern called 'Just Ducky'). I tried to get a good picture of her modeling the new collar, but most of Starbuck's pictures turn out like this:

Starbuck is usually quite lazy but whenever I have the camera she thinks that means it's time to give me kisses and she can't sit still.... Luckily the neighbor dog came back out so she stared at him for a couple of seconds. 

Hmmm.... looks like someone needs to clean those windows - so many puppy nose prints all over them! 

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  1. Love the pics!! Especially the trio at the window- classic!

    RA & Isis


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