Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's time for another Tell me Thursday!

That's right - it's another Thursday so that means it time for some answers! And I figured out how to get the button on the post on the first try - YES!! 

Here we go:

1. Who is your newest dog? Where is he/she from, and why did you choose this particular dog/breeding?

Our youngest dog is Alpha and she just turned two in June. She's from Del Mar Klee Kai (Aprilfawn White is the breeder's name) and her 'official' name is PR' Del Mar's Alpha Prime. When we were first thinking about getting a dog we did a thorough search of breeders and went with Del Mar because they were scientists like us (breeding dogs go through extensive health testing, they have a great health guarantee, and love performance sports) and most of their registered names were from comic books (and we're both pretty geeky - husband has a HUGE comic book collection and instead of barbies I had tons of transformers and teenage mutant ninja turtles, seriously!). Picking the breeder was the hardest part - whenever we are looking to add a puppy I just email Aprilfawn and let her pick out which pup is best for us and it has worked every time. All our dogs are so different and each one has taught us so much.

2. What traits drew you to this dog or breeding?

Alpha is special to Aprilfawn because she is out of their foundation female and their favorite stud. But we did not have any special requests when she picked us to take Alpha. We love Alpha because she is so smart and her naughty puppy acts just crack us up. Evidence of naughty puppy acts:

That is what you get when you leave Alpha and a role of paper towels alone for 20 seconds. She is always quite proud of her acts of destruction :) Alpha has also taught us how to properly doggie proof a house because although she is the smallest dog, she can easily reach anything on the counters. Here is evidence of a screaming, pogo stick puppy:

When she was 6 months old she made a 20 feet run for the Christmas ham on the dinning room table and almost landed right on top of it. Oh yeah, and she totally steals toys. Here is a toy that she stole from the pile of toys that were going to be donated to the local animal shelter:

I have no idea how she steals these toys. I swear she can sniff them out of any box/bag and pull them out in under 10 seconds! She always gets the biggest grin on her face when she has stolen goods. And seriously, why does she always want the toys that are way bigger than her head? 

And it's pretty hard work being so naughty, but she sure is adorable! 

3. What's on your feet right now? 

This is probably one of the few days that I am actually wearing dress shoes instead of tennis shoes. Here is proof:

4. What are you reading right now?

I'm not that much of a reader - if I do read it's physics papers and books. The only non-physics book I look at now is 'Four Paws Five Directions'. I do some massage and accupressure on the dogs (as suggested by our awesome vet, Dr. Raditic, who's pretty much the best vet EVER!) and it has a lot of useful diagrams in it. 

5. What upcoming agility trials are you looking forward to?

Let's see - there's one in North Alabama, one in Canton, GA and another I think in Franklin, TN and then it's CYNOSPORTS!!! And I'm really looking forward to running Starbuck this fall. 


  1. OMG! I have a screaming pogo stick too!!! Hahaha. How funny. :)

    Totally LOVE the shoes. And that sleeping dog photo is so freaking adorable.

    Thanks for playing again this week. Best of luck trialing this fall!

  2. Always fun to learn a little more about you and your pups. Love the shoes:) And Alpha is a cutie pie, the naughtiness just makes her more endearing:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Cute - how can anyone resist!!! What fun. Have a good fall. Glad to get to know you better.


  4. BOL @ pogo stick puppy!! Alpha just looks like she is full of attitude! Play bows,


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We are now followers of yours and so glad! It was fun to learn about you and your beautiful pups! PS - I, too, really like the cool shoes!


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