Saturday, August 13, 2011

The story of a girl and her pool party princesses....

Once upon a time (way back in 2008), in a land far, far away (the wonderful and magical dairyland of WI), there was a very cute pool party princess named Starbuck. 

But Starbuck was a very lonely pool party princess. Everyday she would dream about sharing her pool with more pool party princesses. 

But all she ever got were these tiny husky squeaky toys. And everyone knows squeaky huskies aren't very good pool party princesses. 

But one day Starbuck's wish finally came true and she got to share her pool with two more pool party princesses!!

And they were the happiest pool party princesses in the world! 


  1. Fabulous picture princesses!!


  2. I don't know -- If you ask me, that second picture says, "I like being an only dog, don't you dare bring in any other rugrats to steal the attention from me." lol But she does look awfully happy with her sisters in the last picture! :o)

  3. Love the last picture!!!


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