Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just some cute pictures for a random Tuesday

Not too much going on here except for our little Alpha is back to being her amazingly awesome self!! She went back to the vet school last week and they said her urine is back to normal. And I took her back yesterday so that they could re-check her lepto titers. 

Now that she is feeling fine again the only signs we have of her being in the ICU from kidney failure are the random shaved patches:

You can definitely see that her belly is shaved but they also shaved her front right leg and a random patch on the left side of her neck. She looks pretty silly :) 

In other news - the girls got some excellent new harnesses! I had been using slip leads for agility but since Nari had a stiff neck at her last trial I bought some new harnesses to use instead. And I was even able to get them to model the harnesses - even took this picture all by myself:

Aren't they so cute?! I love them so much, the girls look awesome in them. And now for a couple more Alpha pictures just because she is so darn cute: 


  1. The new harness are sweet! All the pups are sooo photogenic- we seem to have problems getting all three here to look at the camera at the same time...play bows,


  2. Where did you get those harnesses?? They are so cute, and I love that they are personalized!!

    Kaiser has, um, "bulked up" a little since getting neutered and his nice sport harness that I love so much has gotten a little more snug than I prefer. We went harness shopping at Petco last night and it was a frustrating experience. He seems to be between sizes, so things are either too snug or way too big. I ended up getting him a nylon one, but I'm not a big fan of them. Mostly because I'm a moron about keeping them straight and putting them on correctly. lol

  3. Thanks so much, RA!! The trick to get the dogs to pose is to use lots and lots of treats :) And since I take a million pictures of the girls they are used to posing for treats now.

    Karissa - got the harnesses here: http://k9gear.us/. Daisy Peel sells them here in the US. They are pretty expensive but I really love how sturdy they are. Oh yeah, and I totally love how you can get custom labels made. I still need to order labels for the other side - trying to decide if I want to go with one of the many nicknames we have for each.... Nari and Starbuck have the IDC Power Harness and Alpha has the Original Power Harness. Personally, I prefer the IDC Power Harness but really wanted a yellow one for Alpha so she had to get an original one.

  4. What sizes are yours? I'm a little confused by the sizing. It lists chest measurement, but doesn't explain how to find it. I'm used to seeing girth measurement and that I understand.

    Very nice, though -- I love all of the custom options with the labels. I'm tempted to get one for Secret. In pink. :o) With pink glitter letters.

  5. Alpha has the original in size Baby2 and Starbuck and Nari have the IDC in MiniMini.

  6. That harness shot is just awesome!!! Nice job. Can you come and do that for our Mom with the four of us? BOL. Mom uses treats too, but so far it is a lot harder with the new guy.

    So good to know that Alpha is doing so well. YAY!!!


  7. So glad to see everyone feeling good and things normal, I love the harnesses too, I keep looking at those for my girls and they look mighty good on your dogs as models.


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