Thursday, September 22, 2011

And..... it's Tell Me Thursday (#10)!

Another Thursday has snuck up on me again and that means it's time for Tell Me Thursday brought to you by Laura over at Crooks and Crazies!

Only one question for today and that is:

Going forward over the next six months, what are your goals?

My goals:
1. Run more, pretty much running at all will fulfill this one :)
2. With all of Laura's talk about Zumba, it's really making me what to do Zumba more than once every couple of months. So.... that means actually going to the gym on a schedule!
3. Go on a vacation with the husband that doesn't involve some type of dog sport :)
4. Go hiking more
5. Stop worrying so much about how the government's budgets/actions are going to effect my job...

Dog goals:
1. Run with my dogs more
2. Get Starbuck running in Masters
3. Make sure Nari stays happy while running in agility - she just got her MAD this past weekend and you can read about that HERE :) Sometimes she thinks too much (totally my fault) instead of going out there and running for fun. And try to complete an IHC course without going off course and going at a decent speed. 
4. Teach Alpha some more tricks
5. Do more strength exercises/tricks with the dogs

Okay - since this post has a serious lack of pictures, here's one for you:

What? You didn't know that physicists could fly? Well.... I can!! YEAH!!!


  1. Muuaahhahahaha I am influencing you all to do Zumba! WOOT!

    Every now and then a non-dog-sport vacation is a good thing. And I know this how? Well I don't know, but it sounds good. LOL!

  2. Love the flying hair!!! Doing non dog things is good!!! Enjoy!!!


  3. love the picture and sounds like ya got some good goals!

    I have thought about a non dog vacation, , I sure have not done more then thought about it, but, hummmm, what a novel idea!


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