Thursday, September 22, 2011

Starbuck and Nari take on the North Alabama Canine Cruisers USDAA trial!

Last Thursday I packed up all of our gear and loaded all 3 girls in the car and headed for Huntsville, AL. I went to this trial about a year ago and here is what was out in front of the AG building: 

What the heck is that thing supposed to be? It's basically an empty planter that someone stuck some toy Tonka trucks and horses in. Check out the horse that is driving that truck thingy! So totally random and weird!! No worries - because a year later, it's still there: 

Except in the past year apparently the dump truck has run over the horse. Oh yeah, and Nari has a HUGE ribbon around her neck this year from the trial!!!! WHOOHOOO!!! Nari's gone MAD!! She's now a Master Agility Dog (MAD)! Here is our picture with the judge: 

Nari looks pretty happy on that teeter - even though that teeter is EVIL! That has got to be the loudest, most off calibrated teeter we have ever encountered (you can hear all of it's 'pleasant' and 'soothing' sounds in the video below). And here's another proud and smiling Nari picture:

And here is a video of some of Nari's runs from the weekend:

It was a pretty awesome trial considering it was her first trial since the injury back in August. And I was so excited that we got to do the DAM team tournament with our favorite team - Jean Lavalley and Cheer (they are one of the top 16" competitors going for IFCS World Team this year). I was so excited when Jean emailed me out of the blue a month ago and asked if we wanted to team up with them this weekend. Despite Jean and Cheer getting the highest points for 16" and Nari getting the 2nd highest number of points for 16", our team ended up in 4th because our 3rd teammate got two E's and one really low scoring Snooker run. Oh well, at least Cheer and Nari got enough points to save our team Q!

Other highlights of the trial:

- Nari finished her Standard Agility Champion title and Q'd in pretty much all of her runs
- Starbuck finished her Starters Performance Jumpers title and Q'd in most of her runs as well!
- I lived through a weekend of traveling with 3 dogs all by myself even with the INSANE Alpha - that little Alpha sprout is seriously CRAZY!

Here is Alpha yelling at me for leaving her in the car while I unpack the trial gear: 

Yeah, Alpha likes to yell at me a lot when she's not getting all of the attention. While crated, Alpha someone managed to go through my bag (that was outside of the crate) and take out all of the new toys and chew up a pair of socks. Yep. She's insane. And I love it! 


  1. Great trial!! So good to see the fast, zippy Nari back. :o) And super awesome running dog walks. Pass some of that along to Kaiser, would you? lol

    Does Alpha do any agility?

  2. Thank you! Nari nailed all of her dogwalks - she loves the dogwalk now! And the USDAA contacts are even 36" instead of the typical 42" that you see in the other venues. I'm so proud of her - she was so happy and it was great to see her sassiness back!

    Alpha does a whole lot of 'cheering' (most would call it screaming...) at the trials, but she does not compete.

  3. It is SOOOO good to see Nari back, that had to feel SUPER!!! You guys looked GREAT! Congrats on surviving a trip with three girls and just you and HUGE congrats on the titles and Q's!

    NICE teeter, you are right so soothing, and I wonder what happened for the horse to quit driving and get run over, not a good year for them I guess.

  4. Kathy - it was so great to see her back and happy!!! :) My whole goal for the trial was for Nari to be happy so the Qs and titles were just an extra surprise! That particular teeter got me to retrain Nari's teeter a year ago. I ducted taped several cans of soup on the downside of our teeter so that she had to learn to go farther on the board to tip it. And of course the added weight made our teeter sound oh so 'pleasant' as well along with the added whiplash. Ah, yes not a good year for that horse :)


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