Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - 9 already?!

Another Thursday already so it's time to play Tell Me Thursday - brought to you by Laura over at Crooks and Crazies. 

And now onto the questions for this week:

1. If you're not at the 2011 Sheepdog finals this weekend what are you planning to do? 

My dogs are so not sheepdogs - I think they would act like crazy lunatics if they ever came close to sheep (probably would involve lots of barking by Nari, Alpha's always *pleasant* screaming when she gets excited and Starbuck I'm guessing would run after them). So we are going to be doing some agility this weekend. But I do think that sheepdogs are AMAZING - I am in awe of what they can do! 

2. One item you never walk onto the trial field (any trial field, or training class will suffice) without? 

My dog and my hair in a pony tail or two pigtail puffs. I try to keep it simple that way I don't get so OCD about needing a particular thing all of the time and freaking out if I don't have it. 

3. Katy wants to know if you have a pre-run ritual that you observe?

I take my dogs on a short walk, do a couple of practice jumps with them and give them a treat right before we enter the ring. Sometimes I ask Nari if she's ready and she'll do a play bow and yell back - it's pretty cute! 

4. How old were you when you had your first real kiss?

Maybe 15? But if you asked Starbuck, then not till 3 years ago. This girl is serious about her kissing. For some reason she likes to give upside down kisses. And then there are the eyeball kisses and ear kisses that she gives. 


And then Starbuck taught Nari how to give up the nose kisses. And of course there are teeth kisses. 

But Starbuck's specialty is jumping up on your lap and placing a paw on each of your shoulders and then totally forcing you to make out with her. There is no escape when she gets in that position. That's when she gets locked up in jail when we have a bunch of people over. 

And that girl has been known to go straight for the cleavage if you have a low cut shirt. Yep, she doesn't hold back at all. 

5. Bonnie  wants to know what you do for yard mud control during the winter? 

Winter?! I live in the south and it rarely snows down here. I think this is the most we've ever gotten:

And it shut down our whole area for about 3 days! We actually couldn't leave our house for 2 days because none of our cars could make it up the driveway. So we really don't have to worry about snow. We do get a lot of rain, when that happens no agility because the fields down here just aren't set up with any good drainage. Because we don't really get all that much snow, grass grows all year round so the field may be wet but they actually aren't all that muddy. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. Steffi, Hey I just noticed that Nari has a blue eye and a brown eye - how cool!!! I've never seen let alone been around dogs like yours, and I have found your blog to be informational and entertaining!! I've always admired agility dogs. Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. We don't get a lot of snow here either (In NC) though I love it when it gets cold enough here that the ground actually freezes. Like there the whole WORLD comes to a screehing halt here when it snows. Crazy.

    AMEN on ponytails! I was very sad when I got my hair cut recently that it was too short to put up. But it's grown just a hair - enough to have ponytail bliss. I'll bet pigtails would work!!

    Do you have a trial this weekend? Where do you practice?

  3. Is the obsession with eyes & ears a Klee Kai thing? Kaiser is all about sticking his nose/tongue in my ear, too -- and he loves to sniff eyelashes. They're so weird.


  4. dogs who gives kisses are PAWSOME!

  5. Doniene - Thank you for reading my blog! I do love Nari's eyes :) The blue one is actually blue on the bottom and brown on top. I also enjoy your blog and I think those herding dogs are amazing!!

    Laura - Whoa - you're in NC? We're in TN and train/practice at Meadowbrooke in Knoxville, TN. I go to NC several times a year for trials - I think we'll be there at the end of October. We did have a trial this weekend and it was awesome, I probably post about it tonight. And when my hair gets too short for a ponytail that's when I bust out the pigtails!!

    Karissa - Sniffing eyelashes?! Now that is weird :)

    Kathy - Starbuck is the queen of kisses :)


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