Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordy-Word Wednesday: A

Since everyone (okay, maybe not so many...) posts Wordless Wednesday pictures, I decided I'm going to start posting a Wordy-Word Wednesday!! 

And my Wordy-Word Wednesday is starting with the letter A this week! 

A is for AGILITY - of course :) 


By the way - we just got the results back from Alpha's latest blood test and her kidney values are completely normal!! YEAH!! So she's regained full function of her kidneys about 1 month after suffering acute renal failure. When she was admitted to the ICU her initial lepto tests were negative. But when they ran the lepto titers twice, she showed a slight increase (not as much as they would expect from a typical lepto case) to one or two types of lepto. Sooo.... she may have had lepto and since they treated it so aggressively so quickly her titers didn't have a strong enough change like they normally see. Or she had some other type of infection - but we will never know. We are just so happy that she's healthy and it looks like she will not have any long term problems! 


  1. A is for AWESOME news. So glad Alpha is doing so very well.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Yay for Alpha (and agility)!! :o)

    Curious, have your dogs been vaccinated against Lepto? My vet originally held off on Kaiser because it can be hard on little dogs and it was not an issue in our area. I believe it was last year that he advised we get it, though, because we started to see cases pop up in the region. Now all of mine are vaccinated against Lepto -- Kaiser gets his solo, though, so it doesn't overload his system (my vet is really good about separating vaccines for the little dogs).

    It is such good news that everything went back to normal!

  3. Thanks, Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning!! We are super happy with how well she is doing!

    Karissa - Starbuck was vaccinated once for lepto when we lived in WI but the other girls have not. Our vet does not recommend the lepto vaccine (and she's from an area of the Northeast that was considered a lepto 'hotspot'). She said that the vaccine does not protect against all types of lepto and they are not even sure how effective it is. So since there is no guarantee the vaccine will even protect your dog she said there is no reason to risk reactions to the vaccines. My dogs have never gotten more than one vaccine at a time and we've just started going to titers for parvo/distemper.


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