Monday, August 23, 2010

Another NADAC trial and Culver's!!

Nari and I went to our second NADAC trial - it was the Go Dog Go trial in Richmond, KY. It was in an indoor soccer place. I was worried that Nari wouldn't like the turf but she didn't care at all! We had a lot of fun and ended up with 9 more Q's - all 1st places except for a 4th in hoopers. Hoopers was quite close with about 0.5 s separating 1st to 4th! We also got our OAC and NJC titles!!! So next trial we get to do Elite Regular which should be fast and fun! 

I actually set up the camera this time on a tripod so I didn't have to try to convince anyone to record our runs for us. So here are our runs: 

Still no Q's in chances, maybe someday we will get a yard so I can spend some time working on distance. She got half of the 2nd chances run, even though my arms were flying around like crazy, but my handling error sent her to an off course dog walk. Here is a picture of Nari with her ribbons: 

And here we are with the judge, we were all so tired:

The best thing about Richmond, KY is that they have a brand new Culver's!!!! We ate there 3 days in a row. I seriously love that place. I miss WI, so many wonderful things come from WI like frozen custard and cheese curds. The people working at the Culver's drive-thru LOVED Nari and gave her a little cup of custard. I let her have a little bit because she was such a hard worker this weekend. Here is a picture of Nari enjoying her custard and an amazing cheese curd. 

I just found out that the nearest Culver's is about 2 hours away in Mufreesboro - luckily they have agility trials there so I'll be able to get some more Culver's soon!!!! 


  1. You had Ilze as a judge! I love her, she's awesome. She's helped out with a lot of events at our local dog center and occasionally does clinics here. It's fun to pick her brain. :o)

    Congrats on the great weekend!! I love to watch Nari run -- Are you not doing agility with Starbuck anymore?

    Oh, and please don't hesitate to ask someone to video for you -- I've never had an issue asking folks at NADAC trials to help out! If my "video person" is running a dog in the other ring or doesn't make it on time, I just grab the nearest person (hopefully without a dog) and ask. I have yet to have anyone say no! :o)

  2. Ilze was pretty great. My favorite so far has been Dwayne Bonker - have you ever had him? He was telling us great stories about the history of NADAC before our Novice runs.

    Thanks - we had so much fun :) Starbuck suffered from being my first agility dog. I think I was a little bit too demanding with her at times and late last spring she decided agility wasn't that much fun with me (only seemed happy to run with our trainer) and starting blowing me off during practices. So, I gave her a break and started with a new approach and she thinks agility with me is fun again. I still practice with her but I'm not going to try to trial with her until later this year.

    Maybe next trial I'll try to get someone to take video for me. I'm pretty shy at trials because I don't know anyone yet...

  3. I know Dwayne's wife, Lisa, but I have yet to actually meet Dwayne! I've heard he's a great judge.

    Did Ilze say anything about Nari? Kaiser was the first AKK she met and she's always been pretty intrigued by him. She met Susan Hawk's dogs in Arizona once and was excited to see another AKK doing agility. No doubt Nari made a good impression on her! Ilze got to see Kaiser when he first started out and let's just say it wasn't nearly so impressive. lol Thankfully she's also been able to see him improve over the past year. :o)

  4. Ilze didn't say much about Nari, she just mentioned Nari that did really well when we brought the ribbons over to get our picture taken. Dwayne LOVED Nari and kept saying how much he wanted her. She was the first AKK he met. Kaiser is pretty awesome and it looks like he does so well with chances! Does Kaiser ever yell at you during a run? When Nari gets tired sometimes she'll start yelling at me during a run or she'll yell along with me when we cross the finish line. She yelled during the weaves in our last chances run and Ilze and I were cracking up. She's crazy.

  5. Kaiser is very "non-vocal" so far as AKK are concerned. He'll bark at home when I get him really revved up before we run, but he has never vocalized at a trial. Until relatively recently, the poor guy was all but froze up with fear -- If he ever does sass me at a trial, I'll know that all ring stress is gone. lol

    Re: Chances -- I'm a distance nut and I started Kaiser from day one with exercises to get him comfortable working away from me (mostly because I knew he was going to be faster than me!). The good thing is that he is quite comfortable going out and working at a good distance -- The bad thing is that I apparently installed a "space bubble" in him that gets us into a lot of trouble. He doesn't want me ANYWHERE near him when we run, and there have been many times where I've stepped in on his line due to an obstacle being in my path and this will push him right around a jump or over to an off-course obstacle. It can be frustrating and I'm constantly having to watch myself and I have to plan for such things when walking courses. Cluttered Jumpers courses are my worst enemy. It can get tricky when you have a dog that says, "Stay at least 12' away from me!"


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