Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random pictures and playing with Salsas

Not too much going on here, so I've decided to post some old photos and a video. We missed the AKK Specialty this year, so the UAKKA mailed us our Parade of Title Holders ribbons. Here is Nari modeling her ribbon for her USDAA Agility Dog title. Most of the clubs around here give out big rosettes for the AD title but the trial we ended up earning the title at of course was one of the few that didn't give out rosettes so she got one from the UAKKA. 

And here are some pictures of Starbuck being, well, Starbuck (which involves a lot of laying around the house being lazy): 

Some more cute Nari photos, that girl LOVES to pose for the camera:

And Alpha is also good at making some really cute poses and chewing on Nylabones:

And here is a little video I made of the girls playing with their Salsas from West Paw Design - those have got to be Alpha's favorite toys. She gets really mad at me when I put them away. 


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