Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nari takes on Knoxville

Today was Nari's special day with us in Knoxville. She was so happy to get in the car, she just LOVES car rides and she smiles the whole time. 

First stop was Pet-A-Palooza - it was a little pet fair at one of the banks in town. Nari loved it because people gave her treats. We stopped by the therapy dog booth to say hi to everyone. They hadn't seen Nari in a year so they were surprised at how big Nari was. We also bought the kitties some adorable handmade toys to support the cat rescue in town. You can see that Zoltan loved the catnip snake:

Next stop was downtown Knoxville for the Farmer's Market and Tomato Head. We ate outside on the patio with Nari. They brought out this huge water bowel for Nari and I think she only took like 2 sips of water. 

Here is me enjoying a mimosa with Nari:

And here she is hanging out with Aaron - looks like she was talking about something, probably the dog sitting a couple of tables away from us. I just love that you can have a conversation with Nari. 

Next came the after brunch kisses:

Next stop was Bliss where we got a leash holder. Nari got tons of attention and lots of pets, which she of course loved. Then on to Nari's favorite store - Mast General. She loves that store because they have homemade peanut butter cookie dog treats and again, she got more petting and attention. At one time she had three employees petting her and feeding her cookies. She knows where they keep the treats - here she is looking for them:

Then we headed to the dog section to get some really nice leashes. I took her over to the dog section, and apparently she wanted Aaron over there too so she started talking to get him over there (first picture below):

All that talking convinced another employee to come over and pet her so she was quite happy. She was pretty tired after all of the shopping and eating and slept the whole way home.

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