Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hanging out at home

I absolutely love taking pictures of the girls because they are so adorable! So here are some pictures of them from Sunday (I was bored!). 

Alpha - that girl is crazy!! Seriously, she loves to let out cute little puppy barks and run and hop circles around us while biting the air. Here she is taking a break from being crazy and smiling for the camera: 

Here is Nari, she's a sweet girl and my little shadow. At the NADAC trial this weekend they were supposed to have a handler/dog look alike contest. Since we look nothing alike, I had this little blonde curly wig for her. The other picture is just her looking pretty.  

And Starbuck has got to be the happiest dog in the world. She is always smiling and bucking around the house and wagging her tail. She LOVES people. When she was little if she saw a person within a hundred feet of her that didn't come up to pet her she would cry. Here she is hanging around the house having fun. 

Curlys are quite popular toys in the house and are often fought over. Here are Starbuck and Alpha battling over a curly lamb:

And finally, it's time to play 'Where's Alpha?'

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