Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nari wearing stupid hats

Well, it all started when Nari won a raffle basket at a dog show that contained a pink princess hat. We had no idea what to do with it, we had Starbuck try it on but she immediately laid down and looked super sad. So we let Nari try it on:

And thus began the photo album that is "Nari wearing stupid hats". Sure, she doesn't always look too pleased with us throwing a hat on her, like this pirate hat: 

But she still cracks us up! Here she is modeling a beautiful purple flower crown:

Seems like she has finally accepted her title of 'hat modeler'. And sometimes we just like to throw a random toy on her head, but she doesn't seem to mind:

I just love how it looks like she has a pink fuzzy wig on!

And in case you want to see a few more, you can check out Starbuck's facebook album HERE. That's right, Starbuck has her own facebook page! You may be wondering why in the world Starbuck would have her own facebook page, well, it's just because she is so awesome. Or maybe it's because my friends decided that Starbuck was so awesome she needed her own email account which naturally lead to a facebook page :) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's party like a crazy 2 year old!

Here's wishing little Alpha a (belated) HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!

Her birthday was back in June, but since her human momma (me) was all crazy on pain meds and watching marathons of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and RuPaul's Drag Race, Alpha didn't get a party until last week. She got a couple of her favorite Nylabones, a new squeaky mini tennis ball and some awesome plush squeaky/honky toys. 

And then cam the party food! The girls had pizza:

Alpha was so excited that she tried to eat it all in one bite! 

Nari and Starbuck took their pizzas in the living room. Nari ate like a lady and took small bites. 

And by the time I got to Starbuck to take a picture of her eating pizza, she had devoured it and was just searching for crumbs in the rug. 

I had planned a beer and pizza menu, but sadly the pet store in town stopped carrying Bowser Beer!! Next course was Pawreos! 

And of course it wouldn't be a birthday party without cake! 

Alpha first had to lick all of the peanut butter off the cake. Then I made her share it with her sisters.  

And of course you have to have ice cream with cake - so the girls got some turkey ice cream - yum!!!! 

 And here is Alpha with one of her toys - a large duck that honks! 

She was honking that thing non-stop this morning. She's a crazy little one! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exclusive video for blog readers!!

That's right - here's an exclusive video for all my blog readers out there! Here is a preview of the latest trick I'm working on with the girls:

The girls are learning how to skateboard! Just started working on this trick a couple of days ago. On the first session, it looked like it would take Starbuck the longest to pick up the trick but by the second day she decided it was more fun to jump off the couch and jump onto the skateboard. Nari and Alpha are doing quite well getting all 4 paws on the board and I've just started rolling it around slightly to build up their confidence. I have no idea how long it will take them to learn this trick but they are having lots of fun working on it! 

So... anyone have any suggestions on what our next trick should be? 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's party like a storm rolled in a cancelled agility...

I had scheduled an early agility lesson this morning before work. So at 6:30 am (it takes us an hour to get there), I packed up the car and was about to head out when I storm came through - booo!! Our lesson was rained out so we threw a little trick party this morning instead. 

Nari's excited to get this party started! 

So is Starbuck! 

Okay, party is winding down - Nari's still happy, Alpha seems uninterested and Starbuck - she is just annoyed she's not getting a treat right now. 

I think Alpha was not impressed with this party because I made her wear something. 

But little Alpha, you look so cute in your lei - won't you smile for the camera? 

Nope, no smiling from Alpha. She's sad because she was looking forward to chasing birds through the agility field. 

And for all my blog followers, I'll be posting a special video here for you all sometime this week with a preview of the latest trick I'm teaching the girls. Any guesses on what that trick is? It has nothing to do with the leis the girls were wearing :) 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happiness is...

For Starbuck, happiness is playing with her friends at flyball (even if she misses the ball sometimes :) ).... 

wrestling with her sisters... 

and enjoying the snow (when we actually get some!). 

For Nari, happiness is playing agility... 

going on a walk... 


and hanging out with me (whoa - she hangs out with me so much that she's even starting to look like me!). 

For Alpha, happiness is being a super naughty (and super cute) puppy... 

getting a new toy... 

and snuggling with us. 

For me, happiness is having the best dogs in the world!!